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7 Dec 2023

Stand Back: Melody Trucks to join Florida Allman Brothers Band tribute shows

Music runs deep in Melody Trucks’ veins, and she’s itching to share it. 

Trucks, who lives in Jacksonville, is the daughter of Allman Brothers Band founder Butch Trucks and a classically trained musician.  

A year ago, she decided to chuck her corporate career and hit the road. Dozens of shows later, her concert calendar is filling up quickly. 



6 Dec 2023

The Allman Betts Family Revival Wraps First Week Of Tour With Sold Out Performance At The Beacon In NYC

The Allman Betts Family Revival kicked off its 7th year on November 25 in Saint Louis, MO.  The first week of the star-studded tour wrapped up on the East Coast including a sellout at the Beacon in NYC where the Grammy-nominated Sierra Hull joined Devon Allman and Duane Betts for a trimmed-down spooky take on Allman Brothers 90’s classic “The End of The Line.”

Tal Wilkenfeld also celebrated her birthday in style in front of the sold-out crowd.

Grammy-nominated Sierra Hull joins Devon Allman & Duane Betts for a trimmed-down spooky take on Allman Brothers 90’s classic “The End of The Line” at the sold-out Allman Betts Family Revival concert at The Beacon Theater on December 2. 



27 Nov 2023

Devon Allman talks about the Allman Betts Family Revival show

The bluesy Southern rock — sometimes hard, sometimes sweetly melodic — of the Allman Brothers Band lives on in the Allman Betts Family Revival tour, which makes a stop at the Orpheum on Dec. 1.

This is no tribute show; it’s a carrying-on-the-bloodline kind of thing, with Devon Allman (son of Gregg) and Duane Betts (son of Dickey) on guitars and vocals. It’s also an offshoot of their regular gig, the Allman Betts Band, which features their own original music. (And the pair will be far from alone: Other members of the Family Revival include Tal Wilkenfeld, Larry McCray, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson, Alex Orbison, Jimmy Hall, Jackie Greene, Ally Venable, Anders Osborne, and Sierra Hull.)



26 Aug 2023

50 Shows in 50 States in Less Than 50 Days

Devon Allman and Donovan Frankenreiter are at the halfway point of an insane tour that could break a world record: “This is for bragging rights”

BY THE TIME you read this, Devon Allman and Donavon Frankenreiter will be just about halfway through an attempt at breaking a world record of playing 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days — the kicker being that the duo will aim to complete the task in 49.

“If everything goes well, we should be sitting on the record by September 22 — we are road dogs and this is for bragging rights,” Allman, the son of the late Gregg Allman, tells Rolling Stone. “But, more importantly, this is a call to arms to inspire people to travel. Go to the next county, go to the Grand Canyon. Leave your known surroundings and go find yourself.”



28 Jul 2020

MSN – Saturday Sessions: Allman Betts Band performs “Pale Horse Rider”

Devon Allman, son of Allman Brothers frontman Greg Allman, paired up with sons of other founding Allman Brothers members to make the Allman Betts Band just three years ago. Following their acclaimed debut “Down to the River,” the band is now set to release their second album “Bless Your Heart” on August 28. They join “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to perform “Pale Horse Rider.”



26 Jul 2020

Jambase – The Allman Betts Band Announces New Album ‘Bless Your Heart’ & Shares Single

The Allman Betts Band announced a new album, Bless Your Heart, due out on August 28 through BMG. The group also shared the LP’s lead single, “Magnolia Road.”

Bless Your Heart follows The Allman Best Band’s 2019 debut album, Down To The River. The group consisting of Devon Allman (guitar, vocals), Duane Betts (guitar, vocals), Berry Duane Oakley (bass), Johnny Stachela (guitar, vocals), John Ginty (keyboards), R Scott Bryan (percussion, vocals) and John Lum (drums) headed to the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio to record Bless Your Heart, just as they had done on Down To The River, with additional tracking in Memphis and St. Louis. The LP also features guest contributions from Jimmy Hall, Shannon McNally, Art Edmaiston, Susan Marshall and Reba Russell.

“I think we definitely challenged ourselves, pushed ourselves artistically, and widened the spectrum on all levels,” Duane Betts said in a statement. “We wanted something that was a little more sweeping. A deeper experience.”

“I hope what people hear on Bless Your Heart is a band that’s having a love affair with being a band,” Devon Allman added.

On Bless Your Heart’s lead single, “Magnolia Road,” Devon and Duane shared a lyric with collaborator Stoll Vaughan, who penned a semi-biographical tune following the lives of the sons of The Allman Brothers Band’s Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts.

“Magnolia Road” arrived with an accompanying animated music video. Watch it below:



26 Jul 2020 The Allman Betts Band Perform For ‘CBS This Morning’ Saturday Sessions

The Allman Betts Band performed on CBS This Morning Saturday Sessions. The southern rockers delivered songs from their upcoming album, Bless Your Heart, as well as an Allman Brothers Band classic.

Devon Allman (guitar, vocals), Duane Betts (guitar, vocals), Berry Duane Oakley (bass), Johnny Stachela (guitar, vocals), John Ginty (keyboards) John Lum (drums) and R Scott Bryan (percussion, vocals) performed recently released single “Pale Horse Rider which Betts called a “beautiful entanglement of guitars.” The band also offered up Bless Your Heart’s lead single, “Magnolia Road.” Addtionally, Devon, Duane and Berry delivered a song from their fathers’ band with the ABB tune “Midnight Rider.”

Watch The Allman Betts Band on CBS This Morning below:


26 Jul 2020


After four months apart, The Allman Betts Band will be together again in California for a very special, rare, full-band, livestream electric performance!  Sunday, July 12 at 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern.

The Allman Betts band will be streaming live from the stage of the historic Belly Up in Solana Beach.   Throughout the set, the band will play fan favorites, they’ll debut “Pale Horse Rider,” the second single from their forthcoming second full-length studio album Bless Your Heart (BMG) and they will also tip their hat to their father’s music.  The stream will also feature a special guest appearance from Marc Ford (formerly of The Black Crowes) on the classic tune “Wiser Time.”

Special, exclusive-to-the-event T-shirts, will be available as well.  This is a one-shot concert with no replays and won’t be available on platforms like YouTube afterwards.  Once the concert is over, that’s all she wrote.  Join The Allman Betts Band for their sweet California reunion and get your tickets today at

“After four months off the band is so ready to be together and make music. NoCap is the new premier platform for live-stream entertainment.  It’s super easy and sounds and looks top shelf.  We are stoked to be together and share music again! Never miss a Sunday show!”

 – Devon Allman 



25 Jul 2020

Yahoo! Watch Allman Betts Band Cover ‘Midnight Rider’ on ‘CBS This Morning’

The Allman Betts Band — the jam-rock group featuring Allman Brothers Band progeny Devon Allman and Duane Betts — covered their fathers’ “Midnight Rider” during their “Saturday Sessions” performance on CBS This Morning.

Performing from the stage of Solana Beach, California’s Belly Up venue, the group — which also boasts Berry Duane Oakley, the son of Allmans bassist Berry Oakley — played a pair of tracks from their upcoming LP Bless Your Heart, first single “Magnolia Road” and their latest cut “Pale Horse Rider.”

“‘Pale Horse Rider’ was a really fun one to write,” Devon Allman, the son of Gregg Allman, recently told Rolling Stone. “Duane [Betts] had this almost vertigo-inducing descending melodic pattern that was so unique. Once I started the lyric about a man feeling so lost and isolated with the world out to get him, the story just kind of wrote itself. The Wild West seemed the perfect to setting to tell the tale.”

Bless Your Heart, the Allman Betts Band’s second album and follow-up to 2019’s Down to the River, arrives August 28th.

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25 Jul 2020

Rock and Blues Muse -Allman Betts Band Release New Single “Magnolia Road”

The Allman Betts Band has released their first single, “Magnolia Road” from their upcoming album Bless Your Heart out August 28 via BMG.

“Magnolia Road” is the tie-dyed contender for summer festival favorite.  A semi-autobiographical lyric shared by Betts and Allman, ironically this is the only song on the album with band collaborator Stoll Vaughan as its sole author.  Vaughan wrote the song alone, though namechecking detailed parts of Betts’ and Allman’s life, respectively.  Musically evokes the group’s affection for The Band and the Grateful Dead.

The Allman Betts Band is:
Devon Allman- guitar, vocals  Duane Betts- guitar, vocals Berry Duane Oakley- bass, vocals  Johnny Stachela- guitar, vocals John Ginty- keyboards, R Scott Bryan- percussion, vocals John Lum- drums

Watch “Magnolia Road”

Download/Stream “Magnolia Road”

When The Allman Betts Band released Down to the River in June of 2019, the debut album represented not only the first time the group had recorded together but, in fact, the first time the seven-piece ensemble had ever played together.  If Down to the River was the sound of the band’s combustible sparks igniting, then Bless Your Heart is their bonfire, built for the summer of 2020 and beyond; a double-album follow-up fueled by road-forged camaraderie and telepathic musical intensity, vibrantly reflecting the individual and collective experiences of these seven, all drawing inspiration from the band’s symbolic hometown- a place Devon Allman calls “the United States of Americana.”

A conflagration of influences and invention, confidence and ambition, Bless Your Heart captures a vast, panoramic scope throughout a baker’s dozen of modern rock. Ragged and stomping. Heady and frayed. Soaring and scorching. Generational and genteel.  West Coast scenes and Gulf Coast shores.  Gateways of the Midwest and swamplands of Florida. Wyoming’s Big Sky.  New York’s Big Apple. Chicago’s Broad Shoulders.

Over a week’s time, they recorded 13 songs at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio on 2-inch tape, just as they did with Down to The River.  In addition to the time in Muscle Shoals, Bless Your Heart saw additional tracking in Memphis and St. Louis. Within the eclectic repertoire are the familiar: stacks of guitars; electric, acoustic, and slide; a throttling, percussive rhythm section. And the fresh:  Bassist and singer Berry Duane Oakley’s ABB vocal debut on his original song (“The Doctor’s Daughter”); Allman’s baritone vocal channeling Johnny Cash (“Much Obliged”); Betts extending the legendary family legacy of incendiary instrumentals (“Savannah’s Dream”).  They tapped friends, as well, such as Jimmy Hall, Shannon McNally, Art Edmaiston, Susan Marshall, and Reba Russell for guest contributions.  Then, emerged with an undeniable achievement of an album (what sophomore jinx?) worthy of its winking, unabashedly Southern title.

“I think we definitely challenged ourselves, pushed ourselves artistically, and widened the spectrum on all levels.  We wanted something that was a little more sweeping.  A deeper experience,” says Betts.

Says Allman, “I hope what people hear on Bless Your Heart is a band that’s having a love affair with being a band.”

Tracklisting for Bless Your Heart
Pale Horse Rider
Carolina Song
King Crawler
Ashes of My Lovers
Savannah’s Dream
Airboats & Cocaine
Southern Rain
Rivers Run
Magnolia Road
Should We Ever Part
The Doctor’s Daughter
Much Obliged

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