The Allman Betts Band


27 Nov 2023

Devon Allman talks about the Allman Betts Family Revival show

The bluesy Southern rock — sometimes hard, sometimes sweetly melodic — of the Allman Brothers Band lives on in the Allman Betts Family Revival tour, which makes a stop at the Orpheum on Dec. 1.

This is no tribute show; it’s a carrying-on-the-bloodline kind of thing, with Devon Allman (son of Gregg) and Duane Betts (son of Dickey) on guitars and vocals. It’s also an offshoot of their regular gig, the Allman Betts Band, which features their own original music. (And the pair will be far from alone: Other members of the Family Revival include Tal Wilkenfeld, Larry McCray, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson, Alex Orbison, Jimmy Hall, Jackie Greene, Ally Venable, Anders Osborne, and Sierra Hull.)